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They say that it’s a shame that there’s no one to blame
But I don’t care much about them
I’d rather have him in my arms and know he’s safe from harm
But he’s now far away (away away)
They tell me to move on, because he’s probably gone
Well I turned to them and I said
Well I can’t be that way my dear
You don’t know what it’s like to be like this

And I will think about you all my life (where did you go)
Because the ones with the badges don’t know (oh Milo Milo)
I’m finding it hard to fall asleep
And I just want Milo to come home
Oh Milo where’d you go

I just keep telling myself lies
That one day he will soon pass me by
And we’d skate to the pier that day and he would clear the way
Well I look into the sky and I picture his blue eyes
And I keep thinking to myself oh why
Oh Milo where’d you go my dear my dear

They found his body in an underpass
And I never thought it’d be so bad
But I tried to move on but I just lost my head and Milo won’t come home
Oh Milo where’d you go

Oh Milo Milo


from By Your Side, released January 25, 2016




Chunky Barista Chicago, Illinois

punk, some ska
inspired by donkey kong 64 and coffee

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