By Your Side

by Chunky Barista

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released January 25, 2016

Lucas Hezze
Sam Ramirez - any trumpet part
Nicole Bartell - trombone on Spock and Milo




Chunky Barista Chicago, Illinois

punk, some ska
inspired by donkey kong 64 and coffee

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Track Name: Pizza For Breakfast
Looking up at the night sky I see your pretty eyes
And I wonder what life would’ve been like with you
No I don’t care what they say oh it’s hard to relate
I’m not changing, no I’m not changing my ways

When the sun came up earlier today
And the flowers bloomed beside her face
And she washed away the color grey
From that moment on I couldn’t walk away

When the sun came up later on that day
And the flowers bloomed beside her face
And she washed away the color grey
From that moment on I couldn’t walk away

I saw you down at your low
And still I’ll never let go
Oh tell me I was wrong to be that way
I just don’t know what to do
But I know you love me too
(troubled individual*) I just can’t stop loving you

Easy easy, ok ok Tina you’re kinda headed towards the only other car in the lot.
You have plenty of time to turn Tina, so just go ahead turn one way or the other.
You’re just swerving back and forth turn one way and stick with it Tina.
Oh my god it’s bad.
I ruined the car.
You did. You really did.
Track Name: Captain Falcon
Now I’m thinking if I wasn’t here
Would anyone care because I loved you dear
But tell me baby because I’ve been low and I’m running home for you
With everything you said
Now I’m watching Always Sunny sick in bed
Because I don’t wanna go
No I don’t wanna go

Oh ya no I never felt so down
Oh honey oh you turn this car around
Well I remember when we laid down on the ground

Sometimes I hate my head when it recalls the time my dog died and I never wanna see that again
You think I'm on my own, trust me I'm not alone
(oh I'm not alone)
Sometimes I hate me head when I look down at the ground and I see that my best friend is dead
Oh what's with that frown, oh honey I'm not down

I just want one more holiday, where I'm with you and I'm ok
Oh when I'm with you dude, I'm your Shag and you're my Scooby Doo
Oh it's so hard to lose somebody
and it never really helps to say "Oh it's ok"
Well I just won't let go
Oh honey what is wrong with me
Track Name: Nostalgia
Oh I can't go along on this winding road with you
These countless hours wasted talking on this couch with you
As painful as it is to know the fucked up things you do
Although we're kind of broken now I think we'll make it through

Tell me that it's all over now
Your toxicity is wearing me out
Tell me that it's all over
But frankly I will always have my doubts

Tell me that it's all over now
No Ganondorf to fight my way out
Tell me that it's all over
But I can't seem to find my way out

I remember running down to your side
Because you were Bonnie and I well I was your Clyde
When I knew, the tables turned so fast, oh honey it wouldn't last
I hoped one day that we'd travel anywhere
It's alright because truly darling I don't care now
My love for you is the last thing that I'll share

Tell me that it's all over now
No Ganondorf to fight my way out
Tell me that it's all over
But I can't seem to find my way out
Track Name: Snorlax
Yo don’t wake me up don’t bother me
Can you go now and leave me in peace
I want to rot and be left alone
And I want things the way they were before

Nice. you woke me up and I’m a mess
oh take a closer look what did you expect
Can you just leave me alone?

Well now that she’s upset, she lit a cigarette
Stinking up the place and smoke in my head
Hey that’s killing me too

Oh my dear, well it’s a couple years too late now
To take back all those awful things I said about you
I’m sorry dear, I’m sorry dear

Now when I think of her, I think of me
And how I’m not the man she wants me to be
And that shit drives her crazy

So it all ended when you walked out the door
And I forgot what I was fighting for…
Oh ya the girl that loved me so

Oh my dear, well it’s a couple years too late now
To take back all those awful things I said about you
I’m sorry dear, I’m sorry dear
Track Name: Down By the Grocery Store
Oh I won't be that way
Stop begging me to stay
I think it's crazy all the stupid things I heard you say
Those things that you said yesterday

I was just fine but now you're in my head
Those pink streaks in your hair appearing now and then
Down by the grocery store I saw you walk out the door
Then kept my eyes to the floor I don't want anymore no

Oh really I don't care please just admit you're wrong
I never thought one sorry would take you so long
Oh please don't wait for me, dude i'm already gone
Oh I'm so out of here, no dear I don't belong
Oh every other day I think of what I would say
But you won't hear from me I'm not playing your game no
Track Name: Professor Oak
I'll still be here although I don't wanna stay
And you'll be home so many miles away
At least it's six more months til' May
Well I'm so stressed and I really need sleep
This loss of rest might actually be killing me
And I'm fucking losing it again

I was reminded of all the time I wasted here
And I was wondering if it mattered, no it's over my dear
But I just can't pretend my mind's not moving on
I feel so stuck I can't go on my dear

Oh every other day I watch Space Odyssey
Blowing my fucking mind to pieces while I procrastinate
Oh I know, oh I know, but that's the way I like to spend my days
As I washed my hair and stared down the drain
I knew deep down that I'd be ok

I was reminded of all the time I wasted here
And I was wondering if it mattered, no it's over my dear
But I just can't pretend my mind's not moving on
I feel so stuck but I'll move on
Track Name: Spock On the Beach
My existential crisis hit me in my bed last night
And I freaked out
Because I don't want this all to end
I just wanna chill with you
So I'll be there, know I'll be there for you

You're the thunder, yeah you're the thunder in my heart
Oh and I belong with you
We'll read til' sundown,
Explore the ghost town a couple blocks away and order some sorbet
Oh darling there now, my beating heart won't last
But I'll be there, know I'll be there for you

I'll take you to this breakfast place
They got the best pancakes and waffles in the universe
Sometimes I like to exaggerate but this food's taking me to space
It's so damn good
If I see the spacehip land, let's get on take my hand
Oh I'll be there, know I'll be there with you
Track Name: By Your Side
I hear these voices in my head every night and day
Telling me I should leave this place right away
Or it’ll hurt me if I stay
Can’t stop these thoughts that are blowing my mind away I don’t recall this ever happened to me
What did I do to make this chaos start

I don’t know what I did to you
Tell me the truth, I won’t back out
So tell me once and I promise that I’ll be here by your side

Oh I know the times we had were cool
But know you mistook me for a fool
Oh my darling that was cruel
Don’t wanna fix this thing we had
Because it’ll only make me mad
No I don’t wanna be like that
Track Name: Ok Town...
I think it’s crazy that I’m always coming back to this town
It’s not much better but this other place is bringing me down
Those people suck and I never wanna be that way, oh hey

There’s a dude on the lot who was skating all alone
Fell on his elbow, oh I swear that I could see his bone
Holy shit! pick him up or someone take him home
He got up and showed me his scars from yesterday
Got on his skateboard and escaped into the alleyway
And in the distance he said, “hey thanks man I’m ok”

Still wanna leave here even though I know it isn’t that bad
Leaving some memories and happiness that I once had
This place was cool and I never treated it that way, oh hey
Track Name: Milo
They say that it’s a shame that there’s no one to blame
But I don’t care much about them
I’d rather have him in my arms and know he’s safe from harm
But he’s now far away (away away)
They tell me to move on, because he’s probably gone
Well I turned to them and I said
Well I can’t be that way my dear
You don’t know what it’s like to be like this

And I will think about you all my life (where did you go)
Because the ones with the badges don’t know (oh Milo Milo)
I’m finding it hard to fall asleep
And I just want Milo to come home
Oh Milo where’d you go

I just keep telling myself lies
That one day he will soon pass me by
And we’d skate to the pier that day and he would clear the way
Well I look into the sky and I picture his blue eyes
And I keep thinking to myself oh why
Oh Milo where’d you go my dear my dear

They found his body in an underpass
And I never thought it’d be so bad
But I tried to move on but I just lost my head and Milo won’t come home
Oh Milo where’d you go

Oh Milo Milo
Track Name: Ron Swanson
When I held your hand and you told me not to ever let you go
But I let go my darling because I was a fool my dear
And I don’t know what I would do
Tell me when you’re down
Tell me when you’re next to me
I’m not doing anything at all
Why’d you do this darling
He didn’t love you at all
I once loved you honey

We’re waiting in line at this Urbana house show
And I’m falling in love again
Oh it’s just you and me
Kinda laughing at the fact that we both don’t have anybody

We’re up in your bedroom watching parks and recreation
Oh Ron Swanson, you’re my hero
It was just you and me
Laughing at the stupid things that were inhabiting your t.v.

I think about you my dear
I think of you my dear
Don’t really miss this my dear
I’ll never let you go

I watched the second band thinking to myself
Am I ok right meow
Oh it was you and me
Moshing through a sea of people that were sweating so profusely

I’ll never let you go
Track Name: Charizard is Hardcore Man
I'll think about this thing my friend
I wonder what is in the end
Oh all the time I've spent and wasted
How is there someone in the sky that's letting little kids die
All while their parents cry "Oh why oh why"
They say to talk to this guy and then the trumpets reply

You don't have to listen to someone else
That tells the same old fucking story that never ends well
I'll watch some Krauss and Dawkins and I'll clear my mind
They'll look back at me in pity, but I'll continue feeling fine
Track Name: Late Night
Oh my dear
Up in outer space
Away from here
Oh my dear
Hope you had a blast when you were here

Oh my dear
Shining like a star in the night sky
Honey this is not good bye for now
Oh my dear
Last thing that she said to me that night
She told me I don’t wanna die

Oh my dear I’ll be right here
Track Name: Late Night pt. 2
Oh in the morning when I open my eyes
I'm thinking Sonia where'd you go?
Along the stars, beside the moon, or in my heart
Oh I'm with you my baby girl
I wish the driver was awake
Oh why'd you have to pass away my darling dear
I wish I found another way because I can't now

Holding your hand harder tonight
Hope I'm not squeezing super tight
Because I won't let go, I won't let go
I won't be letting you go tonight
My blood is pumping through my veins
Not seeing movement in your face, but I will never look away
They'll tell me that this is the end
Well I'll look at them and just pretend
"This is the end this is the end" I can't believe my eyes
Took one last glimpse into your eyes
Before you left into the light
All I want's another way to save you now